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  • Saves You Time

    No need to search around the internet for bits and pieces of helpful leather working information, all is here in one place

  • Saves You Money

    Don't pay up to $150 for a single course, $15 each for templates/patterns, and $5+ each for ebooks, get instant access to hundreds of resources worth over $1,150 for one low annual price

  • Crafting is More Fun

    Free yourself from boredom and connect with other crafters, ask questions, and share stories as you make great leather items

  • Learning is Easier

    Keep from getting stuck by gaining critical knowledge and expertise anytime, anywhere, with clear, step-by-step guides

  • Get Better Results Sooner

    Leave the slow, boring, old way behind. With all of the above, you get to spend more time crafting, improving, and making the leather projects you love, now


We believe access to knowledge is critical to learning.

Tools Book

Get the Most Complete Leather Tools Reference

Learn which tools help best with the most comprehensive reference on leather tools. Published in 2021, it features over 175 tools with color photos, descriptions, and details on each.

Online Courses

20+ (& growing) Online Leather Courses

Improve your skills with range of online courses and how-to’s all about leathercraft. Image-based material walks you though subjects ranging from materials, to DIY tool projects, to techniques.

Reference Guides

15+ (& Growing) 1-Page Quick-Reference Guides

Save time and learn more with guides covering a range of popular and useful leather topics. Have them handy and be more productive with crafting time.

Templates & Patterns

30+ (& growing) Leather Templates & Patterns

Save money and be inspired by a library of templates and patterns. Includes patterns for leather goods like wallets, bags, and cases, and templates for popular and helpful leather items.

eBook Library

125+ leather-related downloadable eBooks

Read and benefit from lifetimes of knowledge in vintage, helpful publications about leathercraft tools, techniques, and methods. 95,000+ pages of journals, gazettes, research reports, and books.

Online Community

Get Help & Answers in an easy-to-use discussion area

Be part of an active communnity of passionate crafters. Post questions, research topics, help others. A perfect way to connect with crafters around the world.


Get Inspired from the history and people of our craft

Gain inspiring knowledge about leather styles across regions, Al Stohlman Award winners, biographies of influential leather crafters, and a look into some of the biggest industry events.


Get ahead with a leathercraft scholarship

Apply for a scholarship focused on how leathercraft is used to benefit others. Those whom qualify can help be stewards the craft as they pursue their journey.

Annual Competition

Compete to win in the Annual Leathercraft competition

Compete in several categories to win, have your work recognized, and appreciate the work of others in an annual, global leatheercraft competition.

Optimized Digital Experience

Use the platform to learn how and when you want

Experience a digital-optimized leather guild, designed for use fast across device types, sizes, and around the world.

Helpful Questions/Insights

  • What's the first thing that happens after I sign up?

    Once you join this awesome group, you’ll get an email confirming membership with your login information. Next, just click Login at the top of the home page, enter your credentials, and you’ll be brought to a member home page. There, you’ll find recommendations on areas to explore first as you get started.

  • I am a leather crafter with some knowledge and experience, will this community still be worth joining?

    In most cases, absolutely - a key benefit is access to numerous resources that can be used at any skill level, and a community of people to grow over time. These can be of benefit at any level of expertise. If you don’t like people, or fun, or tons of resources, then maybe it’s not a fit 🙂

  • Am I the right customer if I want to learn over time?

    Yes, the courses, resources, and files are accessible as long as you are a member. You can pace yourself however you prefer, and get the benefits whenever it is most convenient for you.

  • Will my membership have value over time?

    Yes, plans include adding more content, which can be guided by member input. Thus, the most helpful resources can be added. Over time, the value of the membership grows.

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